Boom Box promotion at the WRC


Boom Box biscuits, which are 100% plant-based, without added sugars and artificial flavors, were handed out in two locations, the largest Fan Zone - Zagreb Fair Service Park, and the very start of the race at the Zagreb Fountains. The goal was to distribute 20,000 bags of original and cocoa flavored biscuits throughout the duration of the race from April 21st until April 24th during the afternoon hours.

Due to significant media coverage and publicity, the attendance at the rally was high, and despite the rainy and changeable weather, more than 17,000 visitors left the rally with Boom Box biscuit packets. We received particularly positive feedback from visitors of the WRC Fan Zone, who were thrilled that the biscuits were sugar-free and still retained a very good taste. This made them an excellent blend of healthy and delicious.