DEKRA renewed its MSPA membership/certificate in 2022


DEKRA usluge d.o.o. prides itself on its longstanding membership in the MSPA and has also renewed its membership this year. Mystery shopping involves hiring educated mystery shoppers who, at the request of a particular company, pretend to be potential customers. mpanies. Mystery shopping can be carried out within the client company, within the companies with which the client works closely and within the client's competing companies. In addition to controlling sales operations on location, mystery shopping results can be used to examine the strengths and weaknesses of business processes, to examine the level of expertise that employees have, and the ways in which customers position the company in relation to its competition.

A fundamental aim of the MSPA is to ensure that consistent professional standards and ethical behaviors are maintained, consistent with its mission and value statements, which provides additional security in the reliability and quality of our mystery shopping service to the companies working with us in this aspect.