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We will find the right opportunity for you, whether you are looking for temporary work such as a student job, or a higher, managerial position.


We offer candidates a huge database of potential employers and open job positions, meaning everyone gets to find work that truly fits them.

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No fictitious fees and extra charges

Your money is your money — we don’t take any percentage from the amount you earn, respecting all rules defined by the Labour Law.


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We guarantee you will get paid in the mutually agreed timeframe.


Balance between flexibility and stability

We offer clients temporary work in periods of unemployment, enable them to try out different positions, but also provide an easier path to long-term employment.

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Recruitment and selection

DEKRA is the middle man between you and your employer during the selection process.

Open 11 positions

Temporary staffing

DEKRA hires you and then places you to work for an adequate employer for a definite period.

Open 33 positions

Student jobs

Temporary jobs for improving a student budget during higher education.

Open 9 positions

Freelance jobs

A flexible work arrangement for some extra income, available to both students and already employed individuals.

Open 7 positions

Being hired through DEKRA gave me very positive experiences; from good communication with their employees and their professionalism in handling workers, to the welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.


electrician - temporary agency worker

I love working for DEKRA because their projects are always creative and innovative. Doing promoting jobs gave me the chance to grow my communication skills, and made me realize that even when I feel like I can’t succeed, I actually can.


promoter - student

I have been working on mystery shopping projects since 2020. I have worked on many interesting and challenging projects and I really only have positive impressions and nice words. What I like most about the mystery shopper's job is that it is done on a part-time basis, i.e. that mystery shopping can be coordinated with my obligations at work and at the university.


mystery shopper

Frequently asked

Why work with a hiring agency?

Working with hiring companies is just one way of increasing your chances of finding the job you want. Hiring agencies often act as an “intermediary” that identifies you and connects you to the employment needs expressed by employers. Often, employers choose to advertise open positions through agencies to relieve their business system of the time-consuming process of recruiting and selecting the right person.

What happens after I apply for a job via a DEKRA job ad?

Recruitment consultants review candidate applications and CVs and check the extent to which the candidate's experience meets the job requirements specified by the client. Shortlisted candidates are invited to an interview with a consultant. After that, depending on the assessment of knowledge and motivation for the job, they are recommended or not recommended to the client. Sometimes, at this stage, due to the client's specific requirements, it is necessary to take part in a psychological assessment or check for particular knowledge. After DEKRA, the client takes over and conducts further rounds of interviews and job negotiations. If the candidate accepts the job offer and starts working, i.e. at the end of the recruitment process, the agency informs the other candidates about the outcome of the selection. The CVs of the candidates are automatically stored in the DEKRA database until the end of the current job selection, and the CVs of those candidates who have given their consent to retain the data are stored for up to 5 years.

Can I email my CV directly to DEKRA?

If you send your CV to one of the contact email addresses, you will be redirected to the DEKRA career page, where it is necessary to register and open a profile. The procedure is exceptionally straightforward and fast. The agency uses specialized business software to manage candidate databases and numerous selection processes so they are made more efficient. Logging in via the link on the career page is also essential for informing oneself about the use of personal data and for giving consent to the use of your data.

Does the temporary employment agency take a commission from agency workers?

The Agency does not charge and cannot charge a commission to the employee according to the Labor Law Art. 44. and EU directives.

Does the agency cover travel expenses for the interview?

DEKRA does not cover the cost of transportation that may be incurred when arriving or traveling for an interview with an agency or a potential employer. Sometimes employers cover the cost of transportation for candidates if they are expected to travel to attend the final rounds of interviews, but the first rounds of interviews are usually not covered by the travel allowance.