Focus on your business, and leave the hiring to us.

Leave the complex task of choosing employees to us

Searching for the right new team member is a demanding and responsible task. There are a number of criteria to be taken into consideration, and much experience is required to choose an employee that will fit in like they’ve been a part of the team forever.

Recruitment and preselection include:

  • Using the DEKRA candidate database
  • Selecting suitable applications
  • Contacting candidates
  • Sending a list of candidates preselected for the interview phase; approval from client for further work
  • Sending the best candidates to the client for the final interview round

Recruitment channels

Along with job portals and our website, a huge advantage for faster and simpler recruitment is our own database of candidates, as well as DEKRA social media channels, which easily reach a bigger number of potential candidates. Besides that, we continuously work on finding newer ways of attracting the right talent for our clients.

  • Temporary staffing

    Finding, selecting and hiring workers and providing them to your organization.

  • Try & Hire

    We provide clients with employees for a temporary period, but with long-term employment as a goal.

  • Outsourcing

    We find outside contractors that perform the activities you need at a high standard.

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