Creating a world where employment means building trust and cooperation between employer and employee.


Maintaining the human side of work. We nurture a personal, human approach in employment and use it to connect people and business.


Daniele Divjanović

President of the Management Board

We started our business in Croatia as the first international subsidiary of DEKRA Arbeit in 2003. We can rightly say that we have built a strong brand locally and regionally in the area of agency work, recruitment and selection service, event management, promotion and market research. We are proud of our entire regional internal team, long-standing customer relationships and the trust of the workers who work with us.


Ivan Talian

Executive director of agency work in Croatia and SEE region

The key of our business is continuously adapting to new challenges, but our goal at DEKRA stays the same — provide our clients with tailor-made services! Our agency team monitors all innovations and legal provisions throughout the SEE region in order to provide your business with the best possible support.


Darija Jakovljević

Executive director of human resources and market research

At DEKRA, we place great emphasis on expertise and education, and therefore our team consists of professional psychologists and certified experts. With the accumulated experience in working with numerous companies in Croatia and the region, we can offer you advice and know-how and guide your team towards progress.


Mario Solomun

Executive director of Event & Logistic services

Without teamwork, a good work environment and people, business success is impossible. I recognized this in DEKRA and I am honoured to be a part of DEKRA. Our knowledge and expertise will help you in achieving better results, in which case, your success is guaranteed.


We are a part of DEKRA SE, established in 1925.

47.000 +

DEKRA SE employs more than 47.000 people in over 50 countries all over the world.


As part of the DEKRA Arbeit group, we have been doing business on the Croatian market since 2003.