Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calling, After Calling, Mystery Candidate, etc.

Improving customer service by monitoring the quality of work

Want to find out how satisfied customers are with your service or product? Interested in how buyers perceive your brand? We know the answers to your questions!

Our market research methods include:

  • Mystery Shopping — A market research method in which educated mystery shoppers act as your potential customers.
  • Mystery Calling – Research that gives you information on what really happens when a customer or client contacts your company, store or call center.
  • After Shopping – A unique market research concept that includes surveying customers after they leave the store, while the shopping experience is still fresh in their minds.
  • Visit Count – A type of research done near your store, allowing you to discretely compare the number of your stores’ daily visits with the number of transactions made daily.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – A systematic, objective way of gathering information from your clients/customers; a method that answers the question of how customers feel about the provided service or product.

Why conduct market research?

Market research is an amazing tool for checking your customers' satisfaction and finding out how carefully your employees conduct themselves according to set standards.

  • Promotions

    Education and employment of temporary promoters.

  • Event management

    Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calling, After Calling, Mystery Candidate, etc.

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