Always be ready for seasonal spikes in workforce demand.

Find out why so many renowned companies in the region choose DEKRA for selecting and providing workers, year after year.


We handle clients’ everyday recruitment challenges with flexibility, speed and transparency, and our seamless coordination, expertise and years of experience allow us to find employees for any project, period or job field.

Why hire with DEKRA?

  • 1.

    A simpler and quicker way to get qualified candidates

    We offer clients several options of providing employees (e.g. temporary recruitment), giving them a faster and more flexible way of hiring.

  • 2.

    A way to save time and money

    DEKRA assumes all administrative, legal and financial duties, saving time for you and your employees.

  • 3.

    Huge database of candidates

    We can quickly fulfil your employee requirements thanks to our wide variety of candidates with different profiles and skillsets.

  • 4.

    Experience and established processes

    As a result of years of agency work, we have well-defined processes, experience in hiring local and foreign workers, office all across Croatia, and visibility across the region.

We’ve been active in Croatia for over 18 years, and we hire more than 2500 agency workers yearly.



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