Psychological assessments, a 360° method of assessing the performance of management, assessment center and similar services.

Assess the potential of your staff and create an improved direction for their further development.

Testing and assessment determine the employee's competencies for certain positions, their business interests, motivation, work values, as well as development potential (ability to learn quickly, initiative in solving problems, etc.).

The psychological assessment service includes:

  • Assembling sets of tests and questionnaires based on job analysis and future position requirements.
  • Selection from a rich database of tests of intellectual abilities, personality questionnaires, professional orientation, motivation and work values, preferred team roles, coping with stress, neuropsychological tests and tests for evaluating professional knowledge/competencies.
  • Competence based interview (CBI)- conducting a competency-based interview.
  • Interpretive report for each assessed candidate containing clear informative descriptions, graphs, recommendations and suggestions related to the candidate.

Assessment center / Development center

A procedure that, in addition to psychological assessment, also includes practical tasks, role play and real business situations with a large number of assessors. It is used when assessing a candidate for a highly demanding job, before investing in employee education, or when promoting an employee to a higher position.


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