What is boreout and how to deal with it?


What is boreout?

Literally translated, boreout would mean "chronic boredom syndrome". It often occurs in the workplace, and several factors influence its development; from working in a place that does not fulfill us, to the lack of quality business challenges. Boreout gained greater social recognition with the appearance of the pandemic, which led to a large number of people starting work from home, and some were forced to find new jobs. The main signs are loss of motivation, lack of creativity, difficulty focusing on finding solutions, etc.

Mental health impact

Although it sounds like typical boredom that almost every individual experiences at work, this is a bigger problem that, if not remedied, often affects the mental and physical health of the person. Boreout is also reflected in our motivation, and it is much harder to recognize than a typical burnout. A person who experiences boreout is physically present and does their business tasks properly, but they are absent in spirit. Over time, such a person loses the will to work, precisely because everything becomes monotonous for them, and in the end, they often decide to change jobs. This directly shows that boreout is a problem that employers should also pay attention to.

How to deal with boreout?

To solve this problem, it is best to talk to your boss and the people in your team. In talking to them, you need to find a segment of work that will be challenging and interesting for you again. By returning the focus to the job you enjoy, you will regain the motivation you need for your daily work. This shows that it is the responsibility of employers to recognize the needs of employees and allow them the opportunity to work and develop in the field that is most natural to them. Also, advice for anyone who thinks they are experiencing boreout is to take a break and time for yourself before returning to work. Of course, some people still do not come up with an ideal solution, so they decide to leave the organization to find a place where they will feel fulfilled in their daily work.

Why is conversation important?

Although the term "boreout" may be relatively new in society, it does not diminish its presence and impact on workers' productivity and mental health. Therefore, do not hesitate to talk about your situation, because by further suppressing the real situation, you bring yourself to the mental edge. More frequent conversations on this topic can create a pleasant business climate in which, if possible, everyone will do what fulfills them not only as an employee but also as a person.

Don’t neglect your feelings about the work you do daily. Most people experience moments of stress, boredom, and anxiety in their workplace. But if this becomes your daily routine, then it is time to solve this problem and find the ideal solution for yourself and your business environment.