Case Studies

Successful recruitment and selection of all warehouse employees of a multinational company

Successful recruitment and selection of all warehouse employees of a multinational company

A multinational company specializing in production, sale and distribution of white goods. They are a global leader in the production of household appliances and appliances for professional use, with more than 50 million products global sales annually.


The client needed to recruit 20 employees in its warehouse in Croatia. The available positions were Warehouse Manager, Assistant Warehouse Manager and 18 warehouse workers, which presented a challenge to the client.

DEKRA solution

The client was offered our recruitment and pre-selection services for all needed employees. We selected quality staff through an internal database of candidates, advertising on job portals, our career page, radio ads, using Facebook campaigns and by accepting recommendations from other satisfied agency staff. After collecting a sufficient number of candidates, we performed: CV screenings, telephone interviews, in-person interviews, psychological evaluations and, if needed, references. We then sent recommendations to the client for final approval. Within the set deadlines, we offered a sufficient number of quality candidates for each position in question. Selected candidates were then employed by the client.

  • 1.

    Quality guarantee

    For each employed candidate, DEKRA granted a guarantee of 90 days from the first working day.

  • 2.

    Expertise in employment

    DEKRA’s core business is employment, which enables the selection of the best candidates due to its vast experience.

  • 3.

    Resource savings

    The client did not need to devote time and resources to staff recruitment and selection.

  • 4.

    Faster process

    DEKRA can complete complex tasks in a short time.