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Organizing a hybrid event for Fagron

Organizing a hybrid event for Fagron

Fagron Croatia d.o.o. has developed from a small company into a global leader in the market of magistral products in only seven years. Fagron’s successful strategic focus is optimizing and innovating personalized pharmaceutical care while expanding treatment options worldwide and improving patients' life quality.


One of the professional gatherings to be organized was an event named “Advanced Magistral Products in Dermatology” in Zagreb. The aim of the event was to share colleague experience and, through practical methods of product production along with devices used for the production, to introduce the products to doctors and pharmacists who are in direct contact with consumers. It was necessary to organize a hybrid event with online and live participants.

DEKRA solution

DEKRA organized the event attended by many pharmaceutical lecturers from all over the world. One of the main keynote speakers was a pharmaceutical expert from Brazil. As the conference was held in English, some participants needed simultaneous translation to Croatian. The translation took place via headphones for participants who needed it.

The event brought together over 100 live participants and over 250 online. Considering the need to comply with all epidemiological measures and, at the same time, adjust the technical support for live and online participants, the organization of the event required excellent organization, creativity, and innovation. Much of the organization focused on output and technical solutions. There was a need for a Full HD LED screen, ambient lighting, several cameras, audio solutions, video directing, graphics streaming package, sound engineers, video technicians, and the already mentioned simultaneous translation.

As the online participants weren’t able to attend the workshop on producing magistral products, we did everything we could to create an atmosphere through their screens for them to feel as if they were in the event hall. Using gimbal camera stabilizers has proven to be an excellent tool for this. This filmmaking technique caused great enthusiasm because the online participants were closer to the content. The image was focused so they could see every detail up close and closely follow every step. After the event, the live participants were offered a generous buffet of food and drinks. Socializing in person enabled participants to meet colleagues, develop new relationships and bond in this “new normal” environment.

  • 1.

    Organization of a hybrid event

    Online and live participants had equal access to event content.

  • 2.

    Advanced technological solutions

    The client could leave the technical matters to us without any worries and concentrate on the expert event content.

  • 3.

    Interpersonal interaction

    It was made possible for participants to interact and reconnect in a safe environment.

  • 4.

    Brand positioning

    The client introduced itself to its associates as a leader in their industry.