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In addition to implementing the Mystery Shopping service, Mazda has proven that it belongs at the very top of the automotive industry

In addition to implementing the Mystery Shopping service, Mazda has proven that it belongs at the very top of the automotive industry

Mazda is a global car company founded in Hiroshima in 1931, when it introduced its first MAZDAGO three-wheel truck model to the public. Interestingly, it was a three-wheeled model, and the engine power was only 10 HP. From then until today, numerous models of Mazda vehicles can be found on the market that can satisfy the tastes and needs of every driver.


Mazda operates globally and has thousands of employees. That includes the companies they work with and who provides services under Mazda name. In such situations, the question arises as to how Mazda will be sure that its employees comply with all the rules of the Mazda Code and maintain the desired level of service.

DEKRA solution

We have the opportunity to work with Mazda Motor Croatia d.o.o. on Mystery Shopping projects in order to improve and enhance sales as well as educate employees. The Mystery Shopping project includes Sales and Aftersales projects. Within the Sales project, a mystery shopper comes to the point of sale and objectively evaluates the quality of the service provided, from the appearance, cleanliness, and attractiveness of the store, tothe communication and knowledge of the sales consultant. In addition, the mystery shopper performs a test drive, as part of which he evaluates the cleanliness and appearance of the test vehicle. After the test drive, the sales consultant should make an offer for a purchase of a test model. The mystery shopper then inputs received answers, impressions, documentation, and brochures in the assigned questionnaire. Also, he carries out the secret purchase according to a predetermined scenario. Once the mystery shopper completes the questionnaire, it is then checked, and a report is made. Shortly after, the client receives a report detailing the results of the examined locations.

Another project we are implementing in collaboration with Mazda is Aftersales, where a task of the mystery shopper is to do an annual vehicle check. Mystery shoppers objectively assess the service, price, and cleanliness of the service center, as well as the helpfulness and kindness of the staff. After the check, they fill out the assigned questionnaire where they enter the information obtained and the documentation collected.

Based on obtained results, the client receives information specifying what can be improved and which categories can be worked on in terms of employee education, in order to improve their business. On the other hand, employees achieve personal progress through positive report results, and mystery shoppers earn additional income through part-time work.

  • 1.

    Objective assessment

    Trained mystery shoppers examine the quality of services.

  • 2.

    Business development in the right direction

    Mystery shopping objectively and without disguise shows the shortcomings of the company.

  • 3.

    Online data processing

    All customer data is available via an online application.

  • 4.

    Quality assurance

    By systematically conducting Mystery Shopping, you ensure the quality of your services or products.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank DEKRA for a fruitful cooperation. Thanks to them and the continuous successful carrying out of Mystery Shopping, we managed to raise the level of quality of our services to and above the desired level, which proved that we belong at the very top of the automotive industry.

Renata Jagetić

Mazda CEO