Case Studies

A successful summer season of a logistics company using the agency staffing service

A successful summer season of a logistics company using the agency staffing service

DEKRA's long-term client is a sizable Croatian company that works in distribution. In the summer months, they experience an increase in the scope of work along the Adriatic coast.


Given the large dispersion of the Adriatic coast locations, each season came with the challenge of recruiting about 150 seasonal warehouse workers and shelf-stackers. In addition to this problem, there was also the challenge of administrative management of all the seasonal workers and signing employment contracts with everyone, keeping employee records, short time frame to register them for health insurance, and all other legal actions related to employment.

DEKRA solution

DEKRA offered and delivered on the service of recruitment, selection, and hiring-out of seasonal workers. Thanks to the quick reaction of our professional team and our offices in Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, and Split, we have been able to recruit all 150 seasonal workers, eight years in a row for four months in the summer. Each seasonal worker is employed by DEKRA as agency staff and assigned to the user/client. DEKRA drafted and signed all 150 employment contracts each season, and all seasonal workers were registered on time and within the legal deadline. Also, payroll and salary payments to all seasonal workers were made every month. During the term of employment, our professional team is at the disposal to all agency staff for any issues related to their labor rights and assistance with administrative matters.

  • 1.

    Focus on the essentials

    The client could focus on its core business and leave the care of seasonal employment and administration to DEKRA.

  • 2.

    Recruitment and selection is DEKRA's job

    Our know-how, as well as the existence of our local offices along the coast, and the internal candidate database have played a crucial role in a quality recruitment of seasonal workers within short deadlines.

  • 3.

    Reduction of internal administration

    DEKRA did the administrative part of the work, which was in line with the legal framework.

  • 4.

    Business process simplification

    Instead of a large administrative job concerning 150 seasonal workers, the client receives only one monthly invoice.