Case Studies

NutriS's choice of quality personnel from the very opening

NutriS's choice of quality personnel from the very opening

NutriS d.o.o. was founded in Croatia in 2019. It consists of several interconnected subsidiaries whose goal is to create quality food and healthy life and preserve the planet. Through organizing the production, cooperation, and coordination with agricultural holdings and farmers, they strive to reach top products and innovative solutions, which makes them stand out in the Croatian market. They also aim to refine and devise processes that will enable them to reach a leading position in the global market for plant-based products.


It is not easy to find quality staff for different positions, and it is especially challenging with demanding positions that carry great responsibility. When it comes to a company just entering the market, as was the case with NutriS, it is necessary to know how to evaluate all the possibilities and options for finding candidates.

Where is the ideal candidate? How to choose a recruitment channel? How long will it take to find a person? How and with what methods and tools to evaluate the experience, knowledge, and skills of the candidates? All those questions often arise when considering options on reaching and hiring a candidate.

DEKRA solution

For our client, NutriS, we have done an employment mediation service for one of the most demanding positions on the market: Site Director in the food industry.
DEKRA's employment mediation methodology consists of several steps or phases. We almost always start from the analysis of work and project preparation by getting to know the client's organization, profiling the work role, and identifying relevant professionals/companies in the market. Analysis and profiling are followed by attracting candidates or recruiting. The most common recruitment channels are the DEKRA database, with more than 30,000 candidates, advertising on our website and portals, and headhunting or direct search for candidates. The choice of a recruitment channel depends on the required profile, and often channels are combined.

When potential candidates are chosen, they are taken though the selection process consisting of behavioral interviews as well as psychological and professional testing. At the end of the process, DEKRA presents the best candidates, and the client conducts the final interviews and makes the employment decision.

  • 1.

    Candidate database

    DEKRA has its own large base of candidates from different industries.

  • 2.

    Saving time

    Client’s time investment is minimal. DEKRA handles everything from start to finish.

  • 3.

    Objective assessment

    Objectivity in the assessment of candidates.

  • 4.

    Expert assistance

    Assistance in the decision on hiring the right candidate for the requested position.